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Over 31 years in the Civil Service undertaking policy development, operational delivery and project management of both internal and external projects.


During his (31 years) civil service career Dafydd has had extensive experience of strategic planning and change, operational delivery and improvement. This has included being responsible for taking local unemployment benefit offices through amalgamation with job centres in the early 1990s - office refurbishment, whole system change, implementing new integrated staffing roles and delivery systems to ensure client targets were achieved and having responsibility for large teams. Since working in the Department for Education, he has undertaken a significant number of roles ranging from developing and implementing the class sizes policy, teacher recruitment policy to implementing teacher training reform through training schools, developing and project managing children’s services intervention work in failing local authorities, including letting and managing significant contracts, and most recently, assessing and implementing university technical college applications (a strand of the free schools policy), having delivery and project management responsibility on behalf of DfE. 

Through this varied work, Dafydd has engaged with a wide range of public and private sector partners from school senior leadership teams, local authority politicians and senior officers, private contractors, legal advisers, employers, universities and academy trusts. He has developed strong partnership and collaborative working skills, challenging and supporting when necessary to deliver expected outcomes. This experience has translated into positive engagements with academy trusts and employers and universities to open successful university technical colleges to demanding timescales.


Dafydd has extensive knowledge and experience of performance improvement, strategic change, governance, accountability systems and legal frameworks, including working with DfE lawyers to set and interpret departmental policy, assessing and making recommendations for changes in local authorities’ children’s services and issuing and implementing contracts for external organisations to take responsibility for those services. 


Department for Education - April 1997 – June 2015

April 2012 – June 2015. Assessment of applications for University Technical Colleges and project management of successful applications through to opening. Worked closely with the academy trusts and developed strong strategic and operational relationships with employers, universities, Baker Dearing Trust and other partners by supporting and challenging projects successfully on implementation and operational delivery, educational and curriculum planning, financial planning, governance and accountability arrangements and marketing. Opened Plymouth UTC, Reading UTC, Norfolk UTC and worked with Scarborough UTC, Oxford UTC, Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC and SGS Berkeley Green UTC (for a short while) in pre-opening. 

October 2010 – March 2012. Developed a self-sustaining model for local authority sector-led improvement. Worked closely with the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Children’s Services to develop a model for ministerial approval. I secured pump-priming funding and led on developing a delivery system.


September 2009 – September 2010. Managed and coordinated the range of DfE field forces and strategically reduced the number following policy change. This required good contract management, financial and relationship management skills in order to manage the necessary reduction in provision across DfE.


August 2004 – August 2009. Intervened in local authorities where children’s services (education and safeguarding) were judged to be failing. I set up and agreed significant outsourcing contracts for external providers to be responsible for operating children’s services in Swindon, Stoke-on-Trent, North East Lincolnshire and Doncaster. Other intervention models of improvement were implemented in Hertfordshire, Medway, Northamptonshire, Reading, Wokingham and Northumberland. Strong strategic management, negotiating skills, relationship management, contract management, and performance and data analysis skills were required for the role.


February 2002 – July 2004. Developed and implemented Training Schools policy by implementing new initiatives for how teacher training was carried out at a local level. Developed high quality school involvement in school-led teacher training by setting up pilot arrangements to trial various creative systems of delivery and rolled the policy out more widely through an application process and built a national network of Training Schools to share and develop good practice.


March 2000 – January 2002. Involved in Teacher Recruitment and sponsorship of the Teacher Training Agency. Developed marketing and recruitment initiatives to successfully increase teacher numbers and agreed the remit of the Teacher Training Agency and its budget allocation, negotiating on the various strands of delivery in order to reach a satisfactory position.


August 1997 – February 2000. Developed and implemented the government’s flagship class sizes policy. Helped develop the legal framework required to underpin the policy by working with lawyers to interpret the policy statement. Had responsibility for implementation of the policy through agreeing plans, funding and roll-out for 30 local authorities. 


Department for Employment - November 1983 – July 1997


November 1983 – July 1997.  Various Managerial roles within Unemployment Benefit Offices and Job Centres in Greenwich, Eltham, Lewisham and Erith.  Responsible for developing and implementing a performance management systems for all 13 local offices; and worked with local employers to implement recruitment initiatives.  Roles involved management responsibility for up to 52 staff.  Skillsets gained included strategic governance, strong management and interpersonal skills, performance management and stakeholder management. A Spent some time at Swansea Training Agency where I participated in and developed training programmes and apprenticeship routes with local employers in order to build the local skills base and employer sustainability.

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London Borough Lewisham primary school governor 1994 – 2005. Role included chair of finance committee and lead for headteacher performance. During this time, school successful in achieving good Ofsted outcomes and strong and strategic governance and leadership recognised.

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