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"Christine at CBECS turned our fledgling ideas and vision into the reality of two free school applications. She quickly grasped what we wanted to do and led us through the process with an excellent plan that kept us on track through a very tight eight week period. She did the work but made sure it remained our application. She helped us quickly develop communication publicly and particularly to parents of potential pupils at the schools. She had a day by day plan that kept us on track even though we felt very busy with other work too. Her work has given us confidence that we have submitted applications that do justice to what we can offer and the vision we have for these schools. " Tim Coulson CEO Samuel Ward Academy Trust

“C:BECS has assisted us in project management and free school bidding, in particular engagement with local communities where we are considering opening a new school.  I have been impressed by the thoroughness of the planning and the comprehensive range of stakeholders and influencers Christine has mustered on each occasion.  She is pro-active in her approach, persistent when she needs to be, and happy to tackle difficult conversations courteously and persuasively. Her focus is on getting the job done, and done well, and she goes the extra mile to achieve that on our behalf." Ian Bauckham CEO Tenax Schools Trust. 

"In preparation for our DfE Free School interview, Christine provided me with first class written and verbal briefing on: the assessment process, the main issues and the likely questions we would be asked. There were no surprises at the subsequent interview - all the questions posed were covered by Christine’s briefing. I felt well prepared and able to give good answers to all that was asked of me. Although we weren’t successful this time, I strongly recommend Christine's support for proposer groups. She has an excellent understanding of the application process and what the DfE are looking for from applicants” Lord Oliver Henley, Chair of the Stone Eden Primary Free School Applicant Group - Carlisle.

"Christine clearly has a great deal of experience in the free school and academies sector. She has strong interpersonal skills, is very good with a wide range of people. She is determined, purposeful, competent and focused.  Christine is good at ‘translating’ the department’s methods and culture and ways of working to outsiders like us. She set out very clearly the various hurdles and objectives and was supportive towards our journey to open Trinity Academy.  Dennis Sewell – Chair of Governors Trinity Academy Lambeth

"Christine is highly organised and efficient. Her experience of working at high levels of influence nationally and locally has given Christine insight into process and procedure that will move policy into practice. She is able to cut through complex issues and chart a strategic direction. In doing so she brings people with her and enables them to see what is possible, being a professional ally for school leaders facing new challenges. Mick Waters, Professor of Education at Wolverhampton University